The Good Wife: Are you guys ready for season 6?
Fans: Yes! What do you have in store for us?
The Good Wife: Well, like a zillion plots and 5 thematic story arcs
Fans: Shouldn't you be winding down? There are only two season left hopefully.
The Good Wife: We're bringing back a bunch of recurring characters. All fan favorites and that one guy who had one line in season 1.
Fans: Really?
The Good Wife: And we're adding like 20 new characters all play by star actors.
Fans: That's awesome, but how are they going to fit?
The Good Wife: It's all going to fit. You just watch me!!! Nothing is going to stop me, not even football!!! BWA HA HA HA HA HA
Fans: How about some Alicia and Kalinda scenes?
The Good Wife: Now, now, let's not get carried away.

Orgoglio e pregiudizio



Un evergreen che va letto una volta nella vita… o forse no. Personaggi superficiali, trattati in poche righe, una storia che sembra una sorta di Beautiful dei poveri di due secoli fa e un linguaggio ridotto tanto all’essenziale che sembra un disegno stilizzato. (moira)


Beautiful dei poveri

this is why we can’t have good things